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artlaboratorium – about

About us

Graphic designers, bloggers, collagists with a passion and always looking for inspiration and opportunities to be creative. One would think that we can let off steam creatively in our everyday life as designers, but in practice you do a lot of non-creative stuff. That is why we are very happy to always have occasion here to make the world around us a little more beautiful with creativity.

What we do here:

Creativity needs a few things in order to be able to develop; z. B. inspiration, material, knowledge, practice – and in the best case exchange. And that is exactly what we want to deliver here with the artlaboratorium. Material is available in the form of download kits with selected materials for printing.

On our blog we show ways to use them and new techniques and ideas. With the online courses we want to impart further knowledge, and everyone can network and show their work via our gallery. Because not only shared joy is doubled joy, it also applies to creativity at least as well.

What we earn from:

Asking money for certain things is always a difficult decision. It’s actually quite simple: we can only provide free things if we make money elsewhere. Many of you are bloggers and know how complex DIY posts are. If taking photos is already time-consuming, this is all the more true for videos. We try to find a mix of paid and unpaid content that is good for both parties, we promise.

We share our best practical tips here in the form of video courses, but also provide the material so that you can implement it at home. And we would be happy if you again give input to the community here by showing the things that you do on the basis of our courses and our download kits: You can link your works and comment on the blogs of the participants and afterwards Looking for inspiration. Because it is always nicer together, and nothing inspires more than to see others busy with similar projects.

The copyright question:

In this context, the copyright must also be mentioned. Under the download kits it is stated that the images may not be used for commercial projects. We want to explain that in more detail here. You are very welcome to use the graphics and illustrations for your own projects, then also in small editions, e.g. B. as Christmas cards. You can use anything for your own consumption, for a gift for a friend or for a handicraft project with your grandchildren. Or of course for collages, which you might also exhibit and sell. And we would be happy if you linked your results and maybe inspire others.

But there is a lot of work and love in the pictures, especially in Katrin’s illustrations. And therefore it is expressly excluded that your z. B. turn it into a fabric sample or wallpaper and upload it to a provider and sell it. Or that you post cards with it on an etsy shop or that you make a download kit yourself and sell it on your blog or maybe just make it available. We haven’t been able to count the number of times our works have been “stolen” and appear somewhere on the Internet for a long time. That hurts and demotivates. Therefore we ask you to handle it carefully, if in doubt, just contact us and ask. In the case of texts, the requirement is simple: You can quote, but your own contribution to the text must be greater than what you are quoting, otherwise it is plagiarism. Maybe that will help. And while we’re at it: Our paid online courses are password-protected. Of course, you can pass on a password, even if this is expressly excluded in the terms and conditions. We ask you to refrain from taking it out of fairness, even if it is your best friend who is interested in the course. Because she has a best friend again and she too … just have a creative afternoon with her and show what you have learned. You can do this without passing on your password. Or give her a course for the next occasion.

We wish you a lot of fun and great projects! And if you want to be informed when there are new courses, kits or blog posts (with regular freebies), then sign up for our newsletter – or follow us on Instagram at @artlaboratorium3

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