Day 1 of 30 Days of Art Journaling – The Shoe Pack

Hello there! Welcome to day 1 of your new Procreate experience! In this course, you’ll find 15 step-by-step videos to follow along. Feel free to create your own version of the daily projects, inspired by techniques or tools! Don’t miss the experimental part every other day, diving deeper into what you have learned and with the mindest to combine new things with your unique artistic approach.
Have fun!

(Tomorrow you won’t find a video here, since every other day it’s your time to experiment. You’ll find a prompt and tips in your Procreate art journal. See you here again on day 3!)

Here is the link to a dropbox folder with the Proceate template, brush set and color palette, and all the images. You can select all and download them, or one by one as you need them 🙂