Day 11 of 30 Days of Art Journaling: The Secret Garden

Welcome! Here we are with ten days of videos. In the first lessons, you have already learned a lot about how we create our pages. The main elements are a background, a hero image, and additional elements – from colours to texture to splatters or stamps – to create a balance of forms, shades and contrast.

The videos are short. Feel free to pause whenever you want to see how something is done. But maybe you rather want to have a look over the shoulder? You don’t have to create the same journal page. Maybe you just take a bit of inspiration or a new feature and go with your own flow or choice of elements?
Most of all, have fun. Creating pages this way is kind of a meditative experience. Nothing has to be achieved, nothing is to be judged. It’s all about creating a habit of journaling as a form of your personal expression.