Project/class materials

Welcome to your 30 Days experience! We’re glad to have you here.
This course comes in form of a Procreate journal, a brushset and some images. You’ll find all materials here, and some videos in case you need some help with importing the file or the brushset, or how to use the journal/Page Assist feature of Procreate.

Please note: Procreate limits the number of layers depenend on your storage space. In case you should reach a limit,
a. flatten your groups to single layers (you can duplicate your original file as a backup before)
b. or start with a new yournal. You can duplicate and use the original journal as often as you want!

We put a lot of love and effort into this project and hope, you’ll find a lot of inspiration and fun while doing it! Maybe you’ll let us know how you liked it?

Download Procreate journal file >
Download Procreate brushset >